Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Graduating in August with a BA in Communication

Graduating in August with a BA in Communication seeks for Public Relations Career
Austin, Texas August 2008


Marcela Pineda
St.Edward's University
Communication Student


Reliable professional who has completed two internships
Organized and Creative
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Bilingual (Fluent in oral and written English/Spanish)
Motivated individual


St.Edward's University
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Communication

Computer Skills:
Data entry, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel


Marketing Intern, ISI Consultants, Inc.
Austin, Texas
Spring 2008
Contact prospective customers to recruit company investors and build clientele, attend newtworking functions
Assist with company re-branding procedures
Update and maintain server inventory for the city of Austin

Ola Express Carwash
Matamoros, Mexico
Summer 2006
General Manager Assistant
Circulated Promotional Flyers
Researched and Negotiated purchases/Increase company publicity
Promotions/ Increased Sales

Auto Servicio Hernandez, Pemex Corporation
Matamoros, Mexico
Summer 2004
General Manager Assitant
Assisted with clerical support

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Divorce Drama on Youtube

Last week we saw in class how a woman who was getting divorced from her husband had made a video about the whole divorce drama. The video was posted on youtube and it has received more then 150,000 hits. What stoke me the most was that I got on and found this story in one of the top tech stories on the site. I thought this was unbelievable, before people would get scared if their secret melodramas would come out in a popular gossip magazine, but today the gossip magazine is the Internet. The woman is getting a divorce and trashing her husbands family in the video. I think that a person who makes a video about her divorce is deluded and can loose alot credibility in front of her lawyers and the court. Despite the craziness this video has become quite popular and it's kinda funny to watch.
Social media networks help us to communicate important things, but at the same time I think some people are using these tools for the wrong purposes.


MySpace and Facebook are two of the biggest networking sites today, but some people have preferred to switch to small networking sites where they can focus on special hobbies and topics. MySpace and Facebook have thousand of users in the other hand sites such as Athlinks has less users but they all have something in common. Steven Jones a university professor that tracks the Internet culture said ""What happens is a medium reaches a point where the users of it start to think it's interesting but it's too big, there are too many people, it's too difficult to find what I'm interested in." In comparison to this, I'm a Facebook user and it doesn't bother me that the network has grown so much and it probably has more users than I can imagine. I think this sites are created with the goal of communicating. The more people join the more opinions and ideas will be shared. In the other hand, if you prefer to join a network that focuses on something special that you like to talk about and receive advice, then athlinks is a great networking site to join.


With the growth of companies and the increase of airline tickets its harder everyday for companies to send their employees on business trips. However, technology is always a step ahead and telepresence has played an important role in the communication between companies. Telepresence is video-conferencing that is modified. Conference rooms are equipped with high-quality audio, video and networking technology in order for business meetings to take place. This new type of networking and technology helps big companies to have important meetings without expenses and traveling. I think this is a create invention and it will help many business to have closer relationships with important clients. Some of the companies who currently use telepresence are Teliris, Hewlett-Packard, Tandberg, Cisco and Polycom.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

World Hunger

World Hunger is an issue that surrounds us all and affects the entire world. This video was made to inspire people to contribute a little bit of their time and money to help all the children and people around the world that suffer from hunger. Every 5 seconds a child dies due to hunger related diseases, so lets all try to help and make this statistics change. If everybody could donate a small amount of money to organizations that help children around the world, we could improve their lives. The video shows some pictures taken of small children who suffer from hunger day by day. Please take a minute to watch it and please help us change this situation.

Democrats and the Web

As elections approach the mailbox of million of Americans begin to fill up and the phones cant stop ringing. The democrats have decided to change that with the 2008 elections, Hillary and Obama have taken the best advantage of the Internet to communicate with their followers and to gain new public. Videos on youtube and information sent to emails have been a huge part of their success in their 08 campaigns."For millions of Americans, the Internet has turned presidential politics into a fully interactive event, a chance to give money with mouse clicks and to volunteer virtually from miles away. And the Democrats have used these tools to produce historic results". I think that the use of social networks on the web has increased the advantage of this politicians to communicate more effectively with their followers. Donating for campaigns with the click of a mouse is easier than ever, and at the same time you become more informed on their positions and their personal ideas. I have watched tons of videos on youtube of Hillary's and Obama's speeches given at college campuses, such as the one given recently at UT. Facebook and MySpace have also served to great groups and to support their political leaders. They have created a space in which the public can express their ideas and ask questions as well. This interaction between the communities helps us to make an informed decision on the day of voting for the next presidential election.,9171,1731879,00.html?cnn=yes

Girl Beating

Lately, I've seen new incidents of middle school girls getting into fights and being taped. After that the tapes are loaded up on popular social media outlets such as youtube. The last incident took place in Florida and the most recent one in Clarksville, Indiana. The police say that the incident was plotted by a group of girls. They took the victim near a warehouse and one of the girl's began a discussion with her until she started beating her up. The other girls present at the scene taped the beating and laughed. After this the tapes go online and they are viewed by millions of people on the Internet. I think that this is a serious issue and parents must become aware of what is going on with their teenage children. Girls have always been seen as the disciplined and not involved in cat fights. Now a days the violence on television and video games inspire not only boys to become violent but girls as well. As new influence rs we have to take into consideration of what kind of information and media we put out their because this those affect the youth and their behavior.